The Centre of Oriental Law Research (COLR)

budThe Centre of Oriental Law Research (COLR) deals with the issues of Middle and Far East countries’ law, as well as the relationship of this law with Polish and European legal systems and the analysis of the socio-political events in the countries of the region. COLR is a communication forum to exchange experiences and knowledge between researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs interested in the subject of oriental law.

The Centre operates at the Department of Political and Legal Doctrines by the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wroclaw. It was established in 2013 at the initiative of prof. assoc. Miroslaw Sadowski. Currently COLR is one of the fastest developing country institutions that deals with law issues of the Middle and Far East.

The Centre of Oriental Law Research focuses not only on research and gaining knowledge of the Middle and Far East law, but also on activities that popularize this knowledge and make it useful in practice. The area of our activities includes:

  • scientific research and innovative research projects
  • organization of scientific conferences, meetings, lectures and trainings
  • preparation of scientific publications, expert opinions and legal analyzes

We work with lawyers and scholars from Poland and abroad, as well as with professionals who speak Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and English. We are constantly developing and expanding the scope of our activities by engaging in new ventures and research projects at national and international level. The novelty and the interdisciplinatiry of research are the features that characterise CORL. The scientific works are devoted to the four key areas of research:

  • Japan: civil law, criminal law, family law and constitutional law; business law and etiquette; society and culture
  • China: trade and economic rights (intellectual property law, contract law, company law); criminal law; society, culture and tradition.
  • The Arab world: Sharia law, criminal law, civil law, family law and financial information law; the role of religion and tradition, society; organization of the Muslim state.
  • Human rights protection system and the situation in the countries of the region.

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